Year 6 Blog Autumn 2021

Year 6 Autumn 2021
Hello Year 6! Welcome back to school. We have a busy term ahead and we are really pleased to see everyone back in school, following the EJ Way. 
We have a few of our old jobs back in Year 6 already this term, and we are delighted to say we already have many Year 6 volunteers eager to help out around school. What a fantastic attitude!
We have made a start on our curriculum in Year 6 and we have sharing assemblies very soon when we will share our learning with everyone in school in our Friday assembly. We have not had assemblies all together for a very long time and our Year 6 children are setting the standard and showing the younger children the way to behave and listen. Thank you Year 6!
Here are a few useful reminders:
You can wear your PE kits when you come in the mornings on PE days. Make sure your kit is the school uniform kit - yellow t shirt and green shorts. If you wear joggers and sweat shirts, they should be dark colours without big patterns or logos. Long hair should be tied back. Remember your water bottle on these days.
Ms Fellows' class PE: Wed (out) and Thurs (in)
Mr Preston PE: Tues (in) and Weds (out)
Drawing closely observed sunflowers
We looked closely at the fabulous sunflowers in the school allotment and tried to use pencil marks to show what we could see.
Here are some examples of our first attempts.
Everyone should have a homework booklet for this half term. Please don't lose it and please return it to school on the days listed on the front cover. If you find anything tricky or you don't understand what to do, ask a grown up at home or bring the booklet into school and show us so we can help you. You should do this before the work is supposed to be completed so you have time to have a go, once you have ironed out the problems.
You must not moan and be tricky with adults trying to help you or to remind you that homework needs to be done. Smile and be friendly! They are only trying to help!
Our homework is meant to help you to practise things you have learnt before and get into good study habits rather than learn brand new things. If you feel you have not got enough homework, remember you can learn the spellings on the spelling list pages; check you know your tables and can recall the facts really quickly;  you can read more of your novel or find some poetry or non fiction to complement your reading; you can research a topic of you choice and share it with us and you can have a go at the 5 a day maths featured on our Maths Reference page.
Happy learning!