Year 6 Remote Learning Page Autumn 2021

If you are at home at the moment and unable to come to school, here are some things you can be working on.
Here are some jobs you can do based on the book you are currently reading. 
Here are links to Yr 5/6 maths lessons which investigate ideas around calculation. You can watch the video and join in with the teacher Gareth Metcalfe. Start with the Multiplication and Division videos.
Here are some maths puzzles to try:
Don't forget you can use Times Tables Rock Stars from home. Ask a grown up to e-mail your teacher if you do not know your log in details. You can also continue to work on the coding jobs you started in class in Purple Mash. Go to the Gibbon free code section. You can also practise your typing on 2Type on Purple Mash or on Dance Mat typing (BBC ) online.
Watch the video about classifying frogs and toads on BBC Bitesize click here
Think of questions you could ask to classify frogs and toads. All questions must  have a yes or no answer. E.g. Do you jump? Yes or no
Do you walk? Yes or no
The questions must be yes or no for the toad and frog and different for each ( you must not answer yes for both!)
Make yes/no questions to sort these living things:
Dog   rabbit blackbird earthworm  
Use words like invertebrate, vertebrate mammal  bird diet reproduce
Writing task:
Think of the mythical creature you recently offered to sell to the Mayor Of Hamburg. Imagine you are the explorer or scientist who first discovered this creature.
Where were you when you discovered it?
How did you capture it? (Maybe it was very difficult to catch and you had to try several things before you were successful.)
How did you keep it secret so no one else knew about it?
Imagine you are writing your diary entry for the days you first encountered, captured and kept the creature. Include detailed description, humour, excitement and drama.