Year 6 Summer 1 Blog

Year 6 Picnic
At the end of the half term, the Year 6 children picked a warm and sunny day to have a picnic. It was  lovely afternoon and the children enjoyed being together.. Well done Year 6 !
Year 6 Summer Blog
Ely Cathedral
We have looked at the work of the Australian artist Ken Done and seen how he makes bold, brightly coloured pictures of building and landscapes.  We looked at an image of the cathedral and took a similar approach with swift, coloured lines and shapes. Here are some of the large pictures we developed from our original sketch book work.
Peregrine Falcons
We have been watching the webcam that shows you the peregrine falcons on the roof of Ely Cathedral and we are hoping to see some chicks soon!
We used a shading technique to make a pencil picture of a peregrine falcon. The aim was to draw areas of light and shade and grow the picture form the areas of shade, rather than drawing lines and shapes to shade in. We tried this when we drew wolves, at the beginning of the year, so the technique was a little familiar.
Textile Project
Ms Blakeman has been working with Louise Beale, a local artist, to support community art projects in Ely. The year 6 children took part in the textile project to make patches for a quilt to be displayed at the cathedral as part of the summer festival of art. The children designed and made their own patch and then Louise sewed them altogether. There will be opportunities to see the whole project and our school quilt in the Cathedral at different events throughout the year.