Year 6 Summer Blog

After a good sleep and a hearty breakfast, Y6 are ready to take on the Zip Wire, the Abseiling Tower and the Vertical Challenge this morning! Let's do this! 
Archery challenge set for Y6 this afternoon in the sunshine at Caythorpe .....
.... and completed with amazing skill (mostly!)
Year 6 Picnic
On Thursday May 20th, the children in Year 6 had an afternoon to hang out and have a good time, to celebrate all the hard work they have done so far this year. We are very proud of all the efforts our Year 6 children make and also the way they play and work together. Children shared food and enjoyed each other's company. Thank you to Olivia for making cupcakes for everyone - they were delicious.
Maths Knowledge Organisers - Homework starting 4.5.22 for the upcoming week
For homework this week, please look at these knowledge organisers. Parents or carers, please spend several sessions (10 to 20 minutes per session) looking through the knowledge organisers with your child - you don't have to do all the sheets in one session, break the information on the sheets into parts, and do one part per session. What can your child remember e.g. what do the interior angles add up to? Any knowledge that isn't secure could be written on a post-it note and stuck up somewhere in the house and practised as and when. Are there any words on the vocabulary list that are unknown? Can you find their meaning? Yet again, only work on a few words at a time - don't try and do them all at once.  
Homework to be completed by the 5th May. Please record answers on a piece of paper (no need to print out the sheets) and bring your answers into school on the 5th. Please see the attached PDFs.
Start with maths part 1, and then see if you can complete maths part 2. There are also grammar questions with answers at the end of the PDF. Please mark the grammar work at home. If there are any errors, try and work out what went wrong. If you did it again, would you understand what to do?  
Ms Fellows class homework books:
Spelling p 25
Arithmetic p26-27
Foundation targeted book: 34-35

Buddhist Centre visit 27.4.22

Year 6 were very excited to be out of school for a visit to the Buddhist centre in Cambridge. At the centre they were met by three Buddhists who spent the morning explaining the story of Buddha and the significance of the lotus; showing the children the shrine and various artefacts; and talking about how they practise Buddhism in their daily lives. The children also learnt what the different hand positions on Buddha statues (Buddharūpa) mean and how they relate to his teaching. There are many stories told about Buddhism. One that was shared was about the ‘flaming sword of wisdom’ that can only do good deeds and cuts things into one.

All the staff were delighted with how engaged the children were in their visit and how much they were able to remember and share from their learning in school last term.

"What I Am"

If what I am is what's in me
Then I'll stay strong - that's who I'll be
And I will always be the best
"Me" that I can be

There's only one me, I am it
Have a dream I'll follow it
It's up to me to try

Oh! I'm a keep my head up high (high!)
Keep on reaching high (high!)
Never gonna quit
I'll be getting stronger

And nothing's gonna bring me down (no!)
Never gonna stop, gotta go
Because I know
I'll keep getting stronger

And what I am is thoughtful
What I am is musical
What I am is smart
And what I am is brave
What I am is helpful
What I am is special
There's nothing I can't achieve
Because in myself I believe in oh

Gonna keep our heads up high (high!)

Keep on reaching high (high!)
Never gonna quit
Just keep getting stronger

And nothing's gonna bring us down (no!)
Never give it up, gotta go
Because I know
I'll keep getting stronger

What I am is super
What I am is proud
What I am is friendly
What I am is grouchy
What you are is magical
What you are is special

There's nothing I can't achieve
Because in myself I believe in oh

Gonna hold my head up high (high!)
Keep on reaching high (high!)
Never gonna stop
I'll be getting stronger

Nothing's gonna bring me down (no!)
Never give it up gotta go, oh... yeah
I'll keep getting stronger