School Council
Thanks Jimi.
At the start of the school year, Jimi was voted by his year 4 class to represent them on the school council. One of his pledges was to raise funds to replace the broken goalpost on the school field. With help from his parents the funds were soon in place and the new goalpost has, with Jimi's help, now been erected and is ready to use.
Everyone at Ely St Johns would like to thank Jimi and his parents for this kind donation and I am sure that it will be well used by all the budding Ronaldo's.
Our School Council consists of representatives from each class (Year 2-Year 6) who have been elected by their classmates.
The School Council aims to meet every month to discuss ideas that could help make our school an even better place to be. The representatives take questions and ideas back to their classes for Class Council discussions.
The School Council helps plan special days and events at school (such as the Poppy Appeal, Healthy Lifestyle Week, World Book Day, and fundraising events). Last year, our School Council organised a very successful fundraising event which raised £11,500+. This was put towards replacing broken playground climbing equipment and 25% of it was donated to Ely Foodbank.