School Council

School Council
Our School Council consists of a representative from each class (Year 2-Year 6) who has been voted for and elected by their classmates at the start of the year. Anyone can stand for election. This year, children designed posters and did presentations about why they would be the best person to represent the views of their class. 
The School Council meet each month to discuss ideas that could help make ESJ a better place. We take questions and ideas back to class for class council discussions. We also help plan special days and weeks at school (such as the Poppy Appeal, Healthy Lifestyle Week, World Book Day and fundraising events). 
Can you spot the representative for your class?
This year School Council have chosen to focus on the important matter of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. With the money raised during fundraising efforts, we have purchased books about the topic which are free for all children and teachers to read and use. They can be found in the entrance hall. 
School Council were busy preparing World Book Day 2019. We made flyers and organised all activities for the day, including a second hand book stall at playtime. Thanks so much for all the wonderful book donations. We raised nearly £50!!! Seeing lots of children clutching their book purchases with such joy was priceless. 
We have been busy supporting Anti Bullying Week with various activities. We came up with the idea of a kindness box which we gave to each class to note down any acts of kindness and respect. Our tree of kindness and respect in the entrance hall keeps filling with positive messages. Of course, we also got some friends together to develop two Wake Up Shake Up routines to 'Unique' and 'Choose Respect', songs for Anti Bullying week by Andy and the Oddsocks. What a great week it was!