FS Blog 2018-2019

Foundation Stage Fun Sports

 Foundation stage children did really well joining in with the fun sports. Even though they found some of the races confusing they all tried really hard. Well done to them and thank you to all the parents and grandparents who turned up to support them.

Foundation Stage visit to Wicken Fen

 Foundation had a lovely time at Wicken Fen on Monday. The weather was just right. There was lots to see and do. We took part in pond dipping, minibeast hunting and a board walk. The sun brought out lots of different minibeast, including, beetles, spiders, butterflies, ladybirds, centipedes and millipedes


Here we are using the school fire pit. We watched Mrs Chamberlain light the fire. It was all very exciting. When the fire was hot enough Mrs Powell and Mrs Chamberlain toasted bread for us to eat. The fire was even hot enough to boil a kettle of water, which Mrs Hanwell then used to make hot chocolate with! We could choose to have marshmallows in if we wanted. It was all very yummy!

Thank you to Mrs Hanwell for helping us.

Our workshop at the Stained Glass Museum

Both classes enjoyed their time at the Cathedral. Thank you to the friends for funding this. They made some lovely sun catchers after taking time to design the colours they wanted to use. They also retold a story that involved looking at the stained glass windows and dressing up to take on the role of the characters. Thank you to the friends for funding this

Eden’s Mum visits

 Eden’s mum visited school and when she came she not only told us about all the important things she does when she is at work as a nurse, but she also brought lots of her equipment so that we could see it and even play with it. See how good we are at bandaging our friends!

Thank you Eden’s Mum for your visit.

School caterer

 The children visited the school kitchen today and met Jo the school caterer. She showed them the equipment she uses and talked to them about the food she likes to make.

Mario’s Mum visits

 The children enjoyed a visit from Mario’s Mum who is a neo natal nurse. She came dressed in her uniform and told the children all about her role of looking after very tiny babies. She brought in some tiny nappies for us to see just how small some of the babies she looks after really are.

 Thank you Mario’s Mum for your visit.

The fire service visit.

Foundation stage children have enjoyed learning about people who help us. They have had a visit from the fire service including the fire engine. They learnt about the equipment needed to rescue people and had a good look at the various tools. They were able to actually squirt the water from the hoses and feel heavy it really is! A big thank you to the fire fighters for their visit.

Reading with Year 6 - January
Foundation has teamed up with Year 6 to participate in inter-year reading. The Foundation children have shown lots of enthusiasm in the sessions and have listened very well to pupils in year 6, who themselves have shown lots of kindness and patience whilst reading to the youngest members of the school. It's a great way to demonstrate to the newest/youngest members of Ely St. John's what good role models look like. The photos below show some of the wonderful interactions that have been happening during these sessions. 


The children have enjoyed exploring different types of weather as part of our learning.

They made some kites and had great fun on a windy day, testing them out to see how well they flew. They had to make a few repairs if they weren’t quite robust enough.

The frost was a great attraction especially as two frozen hands mysteriously appeared, sparking some children to think Jack Frost had left his hands behind!

Happy Christmas

Wow, what fun we have had this end of term. We have taken part in the Christmas play and were very sparkly stars, remembering our words and actions to the song beautifully.

In the courtyard we have enjoyed our role play, involving dressing up as Santa and his reindeers. You can also see us taking part in lots of other Christmas activities and of course there was our Christmas party that we all enjoyed. Thank you for all your contributions of food and other items for our party tea.

Merry Christmas from us all!

The Gingerbread man- November

The children have really enjoyed all the activities we have done this week linked to this traditional tale. They have been improving their number skills in the courtyard by playing Gingerbread men skittles. They have made puppets and used them in their role play and become very good at remembering repeated phrases. They have also painted some lovely pictures. You can also see them making salt dough Gingerbread men which they will decorate when they are solid!

Gathering Autumn leaves October

The children have really enjoyed the lovely weather we have been experiencing this week. Both classes had lovely Autumn walks, with the children finding leaves of all the Autumn colours. They observed closely to find leaves of different shapes and sizes.

Having made their collections they came back into class and made their crowns. We hope you like them!