Foundation Stage Blog Summer Term 2021-2022

Jubilee Celebrations!
This week, Foundation Stage have been working hard to prepare for the Jubilee picnic. They decorated cakes, measured out their own drinks, made fruit skewers and assembled their own sandwiches. The children have had lots of questions about the Queen and have enjoyed finding out about her life, the Crown Jewels and Buckingham Palace in order to answer them. At the picnic, the children looked fantastic in their red, white and blue and all enjoyed sharing a whole school playtime and singing session as part of the celebration. 
In our maths activities we have been exploring different ways of measuring. The children have been using blocks, paperclips and rulers to measure and compare the height of different toys. In the courtyard we have practised this on a larger scale, using big bricks to measure each other and metre sticks to measure fences and walls! We have been encouraging the children to use the correct vocabulary to explain their observations: tall, short, taller, shorter, tallest and shortest.
Exploring Textiles
We have been exploring the work of the textile artist Sheila Hicks, talking about the different shapes and effects that she creates by wrapping, weaving, twisting and winding wool and fabrics. The children then used these techniques to create their own art works. We spent time describe the different textures of the fabrics the children chose to use.