Year 6 work during closure June onwards

We are so proud of you, year 6!
As we have so much work already from the Lockdown period, we have started this new blog page to celebrate your achievements. Please do look back to the previous work though, because it is fantastic!
We asked you to keep our Year 6 standards and you have certainly risen to the challenge. You have shown us that you are still learning, concentrating and striving to do the best you can and that you are developing yourselves as learners.
Unique to Primary school
We asked you this week to think of things that are unique to Primary school and you have done us proud!
Thank you for making us think and smile this week.
Music Home is where the.....
This week we looked at harmony and different musical effects in a great piece of music from the Ten Pieces series on the BBC. We asked you to think of the sounds you might add and what home means to you. 
Building dens in the spinney - a great place to keep cool in the hot weather!
Year 6 Sports Day
Medals table for the 100m run - these times are fantastic!
Gold - Ashton 60 seconds
Silver - Prithvi 77 seconds
Bronze - Niko 78 seconds
Hey everyone, check this out! You'll be amazed at Isaac's memory test!
Picnic fun
Our lovely Year 6 children showed their usual determination and ingenuity this week as they got together to have their Year 6 picnic. Some people chose the option of picnicking at home, some went on line and some managed a socially distanced picnic in the park. Wherever you are, Year 6 , we are so glad you are supporting each other and keeping in touch. And as you know from the Year 6 podcast, we support any opportunity to make and eat a delicious sandwich!
Science work
Well done Kieran - your science work is great! You worked really hard to make sure you followed scientific principles for testing and you present your work well. Thank you for sharing your efforts.
A fantastic radio jingle from Tawana
Pop Art!
Roy Lichtenstein-inspired art using Ben Day Dots.
Pop Art Self-Portraits.
We have carried on with the theme of pop art this week and used everything we have learnt so far to make a self-portrait. 
Can you guess who it is without checking?
Getting to school
How will you get to secondary school? Car? Bus?Train? Skates? Cannon....?
This week, we looked at the James Campbell extract about teachers and school. The book is seriously funny and you took the same approach. Thank you ! We really enjoyed your writing.
Letter home
Dear Mum and Dad,
I have had the best time at my new school this week. You'll never guess what happened when I got off the train......
We asked you to write a letter as if you were writing home after arriving at your new, school. Here are some very inventive letters and amazing schools!
Writing in the style of Kid Normal
Greg James and Chris Smith have written a popular series of books about an unlikely set of superhero kids and one Murph - the Normal Kid who ends up at the wrong school. We asked our Year 6 super writers to write an extract in the same style with their own school creations, their own characters and their own crazy super powers. This writing really made us laugh. Thank you!
Locked down or locked up?
As part of our local history topic, our Year 6's used the museum's handy resources to find out about the Museum building which  used to be the town gaol. Thank you to the museum for providing such helpful information. Here is an activity to make a model gaol.
This half term we are looking at scientific enquiry and asked you to try a hovercraft experiment. Here are Zach's results. He has worked very systematically and collected excellent data. Well done!
Our Year 6 children have really excelled at poetry in the last few weeks. Here are a few examples  of our poems from last week, all about ideas of Paradise.
Lockdown Doodle
Did you do a lockdown doodle? Did you do a decidedly, deliciously, decent job? Do send it in.