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In year 6 we don't have a recommended book list. However, if you were looking for some good reads for your child or children, this list may be useful.
Here are some methods that we are going to look at next week in mathematics.
Drawing skills
We have continue to work on drawing skills this term and we have looked at the ways we can make marks, shade  and represent our ideas with line drawing. 
In these pictures, we used the idea of a vanishing point and used guide lines to create the effect of an avenue of winter trees, disappearing off into the distance. We used wax crayon to create the effect of a winter sky and a hint of bio-glitter to add an icy aspect tot he shady side of the trees.
What planet are you from, Clarice Bean?
In Literacy, we have been looking at the picture book,"What planet are you from, Clarice Bean?" The author, Lauren Child has a very distinctive approach to writing stories and illustrating them with collage effects. We found we could infer so much about the characters from the information in the book - so much of the information is shared between the text and the illustrations.
We designed a character of our own who might fit into the book as a friend of Clarice or as a member of her family. (Some of our characters are based very closely on ourselves!) We tried to make the setting detailed so that you can infer things abut the character from the setting. Here are some of our finished pages.
Year 6 Coasts
At the end of September, Year 6 children went on a day out to Hunstanton to look at the cliffs and coastal features. It was a wet  and windy experience but we fully appreciated the delights of the coastal town and the ways in which the sea attacks the land. It was great to walk along the beach and see the erosion by the sea in action.
On our return we followed up our visit in several ways. One way was to use pastel to represent the sea. Year 6z used Henry Moore's Silver Sea picture as a starting point and, in particular , used the way he sets the horizon with a clear highlight in the distance. Here are some of our efforts.
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