Year 6 Autumn 1st Half Term

Homework Follow Up Activities
Each week a homework follow up activity will be added to the Year 6 page. You will find them in the menu in the homework section. These activities will be done on Mondays in school.
Weekly spelling  lists have been added to the Year 6 page and will be updated each week. You will find them on the menu on the left. These are the spellings that we will be working on in class. If your child wants to practice them at home, that would be great.
Design technology
We have been learning about Macbeth in English and light in science and we combined the two with a challenge to make scene from the play as as shadow puppet scene. Year 6 children had to work out how to make the shadows and how to make the opaque shapes stand up or suspend them in some way. The children could also make effects with translucent paper and two lights to create different shadows. A lot of trial and error was required to size and place the shapes correctly. Here are the photos of our first tries.

Year 6 Pupils (Friday 25th September)

  •          Please learn the homophones and squared numbers for Monday 28th September. When you know the squared numbers, then set yourself the extra challenge of learning the cubed numbers. On Monday, you will need this knowledge for the activity at school. Please do not bring pieces of paper with homework on.
  •          We need to keep our classrooms well ventilated, so it can get little chilly! In response to this, you can bring in a hoodie or your PE jumper to wear over your school jumper. These are not to replace the school jumper or cardigan but to provide an extra layer. An extra layer under a t-shirt or shirt could be another choice too.
  •          At playtime, please have a coat to wear. When it is raining, we still might go out.