Year 6 Autumn Blog 2022

Welcome  to Year 6
We are excited to welcome everyone back to school to Year 6. We hope you have had a good rest over the summer holiday and you are ready for the term ahead. Please read the Curriculum Overview and Useful Information page where you will find details of PE times, information about uniform and this year's topics.
Sea Otters
In the book, The Wild Robot, Roz the robot is first switched on and activated by a curious and playful sea otter. We have been learning about the habits and characteristics of sea otters to write Kenning poems. We have also looked closely at sea otter pictures to observe them closely and to practise drawing techniques.
We used pencil to show dark and light patches. We started in one place and grew the picture out. (No outlines please!) We then tried using pen marks to show light and dark. It is interesting to see the same subject in pictures using different media.
Here are some of our first attempts.