Year 6 Remote Learning Spring 2022

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Go to today's date and choose a maths sheet. Bronze and silver are not too challenging; Gold is the year 6 level and platinum has the extra challenge. If there are questions you are not sure about, ask an adult to help. If you are super successful, try a level up, if you are finding a sheet hard, try a level down. Check your answers and if you get a question wrong, go back and check.
Check out the Cambridge science Centre magazine edition on stars pdf below
Learn the names of the counties of England by learning this song or by listening to it:
Complete the reading comprehension found on the PDF below 
Beetle Boy by MG Leonard - keep up to date with our class reader
Beetle Boy Chapter 1 part 2 click here
Beetle Boy Chapter 2 Click here
English Writing
See PDF activity below
See PDF below