Year 6 Blog - Spring 2

Please see the earlier blog (Spring 1 and Autumn 1 and 2) for the Science Presentation that happened at the beginning of Spring 2.
Engineering and vacuuming the carpet!
On Friday after school, a group of our interested Year 6 engineers investigated the Dyson D39 vacuum cleaner. The children took the cleaner apart and investigated the anti-tangle features of the brushes. The equipment was carefully organised and supplied by the Dyson Foundation which exists to encourage young people to consider the opportunities offered by engineering. Happily, the children were able to reassemble the machine and then test it by cleaning the carpet. Thank you to Mr Poli for giving his time to help with the disassemby.
Cambridge Buddhist Centre
Last week, we visited the Cambridge Buddhist Centre. We were invited to share artefacts and learn about aspects of Buddhist faith. The children were able to see the statues and shrines in the main hall and learn about the symbolism of many of the artefact on view. Many of the  children asked really brilliant questions and showed themselves to be polite and interested guests. Well done Year 6!
Egyptian Gods
Get to know the Egyptian gods by reading the information on this web page
Purple Mash
Purple Mash is a website that our pupils can access for a variety of exciting curriculum-focused activities, creative tools, programs and games to support and inspire their creative learning. There are spelling games that we encourage the pupils to try and use in order to practise and to apply their spelling knowledge.
There is also an application on Purple Mash that, like Times Table Rockstars, the children can use to help them learn and revise their times tables. We can't stress enough how important times table knowledge for the year 6 curriculum is; knowing tables can help your child understand other mathematical concepts and grasp other important aspects of maths, such as fractions, division and percentages.
An overview of some of the topics and activities we are doing this half term
Learning about the circulatory system Making miniature clay sarcophaguses Writing reviews for our Ancient Egyptian theme parks
Learning about Egyptian Gods and singing songs  about Egypt Carrying on our Buddhism topic PE tournament - hockey, rugby and netball


Triangles, quadrilaterals and other groovy shapes
Check out the link below for information about triangles. There is a lot to remember: different types of triangles and their properties; the area of triangles and how to calculate it; the sum of the internal angles.... it's all explained on Maths is fun! And when you've sorted triangles, you can learn about quadrilaterals..... regular and irregular...... there's no end to the mathematical fun!