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Pancake Day 2019
We decided to do something a bit different and to cook pancakes on an open fire!
Spring Term 2019
Year 6 read with Foundation
January 2019
Year 6 has teamed up with Foundation to participate in inter-year reading. The pupils in year 6 have already shown lots of kindness and patience whilst reading to the youngest members of the school. They are demonstrating to the newest/youngest members of Ely St. John's what good role models look like - great effort year 6!  The photos below show some of the wonderful interactions that have been happening during these sessions. 
Science - looking at light
In science this term, we have been experimenting with light. We have found out that light travels in straight lines; how it can be reflected and refracted. The children investigated shadows and also used mirrors, lenses and prisms to change the direction of  beam of light. Here are some photos to show how we got on.
The Fitzwilliam Museum
January 2019
Year 6 pupils kick-started their Ancient Egyptian topic by going to explore the artifacts on display at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. The children were captivated as they listened and looked whilst the museum teacher discussed many of the pieces on display, as well as role-playing a mummification process! The day also consisted of visiting the museum's Education Studio whereby the children were able to create their own Ancient Egyptian-style art on papyrus.
The gallery below shows some of what the children got up to.
Autumn Term 2018
On the last day of term, children in Year 6 Z played chess and made sure everyone in the class new how to play. Competent players were coaches and helped everyone learn the rules. Everyone played with really positive attitudes and had a good time. Now we all know how to play!
Bake sale for Children In Need
16th November 2018
Congratulations to Vicky and Kaiya in Year 6 who raised £26.50 for Children In Need by baking and selling cakes and other goodies after school!
Autumn term poetry.
We studied the Kingfisher poem in the fantastic Lost Words poetry book and made our own poems about the gannet. We then published them so they dived into the ocean.
Language celebration!
25th September 2018
We are learning how to read and speak the French language in year 6. The children have already shown great enthusiasm and perseverance with learning new words and phrases. Très bien!
We have recently celebrated the other languages that many people in each class may have links to. Some children go home and speak a different language to English. Some children go on holiday and speak another language whilst they are they. Some children have family members who speak other languages. We celebrated and recognised the many different languages our pupils can speak and read, from everyone learning how to say a variety of common greetings to pupils bringing in items that they use to help them learn another language. A wonderful celebration of our diversity and talents!
School Council Elections
September 2018
This school year has started with a wonderful display of ambition shown by our new year 6 pupils who put themselves forward to be the School Council Representative for their class.
In each class we saw a fantastic variety of presentations on election day! The nominees put a great deal of effort into their posters/powerpoint presentations, which identified why they would do a super job at representing their peers. Each nominee spoke confidently about why they should be the person to take on the role. 
Well done to all of the children who put themselves forward - you would have all made brilliant representatives we are sure. Congratulations to the three children who have now been elected as the School Council Representative for their classes: Eloise, Gracie and Ruby.
Summer Term 2018
Christmas science
We have been learning about electricity this half term, and Mrs Pitt gave us an electrifying Christmas challenge!
We had to use our expert electricity knowledge to design and make a Christmas decoration. Our decorations could be any design we wanted, but they had to have elements that lit up and at least one moving part. As an extra challenge we had to try and use a parallel circuit so that one part of the decoration could be switched on and work while the others were switched off.
We worked really hard on our decorations and the end results were fantastic! Have a look at some pictures of our decorations in the gallery below.