Year 1

Welcome to Year 1
Welcome to Year 1! Here you will be able to read all about this half-term's engaging curriculum and keep up-to-date with things that are happening in our weekly Newsletter.

The teachers in Year 1 are Mr Killick, Mrs Pruitt, Mrs Carter and Ms Blakeman. The teaching assistants who work across the classes are Mrs Neville and Mrs Rose.

PE days
Mr Killick's class has PE sessions every Tuesday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor).
Mrs Pruitt class has PE sessions every Monday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor).
We use Tapestry to build a special record of your child’s experiences and learning journey throughout their time in year one. We hope the snapshots uploaded to your child's account help demonstrate how they are developing and progressing.
CLIC is our whole-school maths approach that prioritises basic mathematical skills to provide the foundations for wider maths. Year 1 pupils have daily CLIC sessions that usually last for 20-minutes, with roughly 5-minutes spent on each area:

  • Counting
  • Learn Its (simple sums that the children learn to recall instantly)
  • It's Nothing New (applying previous learning in order to solve something else)
  • Calculation 
The current Learn Its are below: jigsaw numbers to 10 and multiples of 5. We aim for these links to be lightning fast! Please help your child practise these facts outside of school to help reinforce and embed this learning - thank you. 
Reading & Phonics
Now we have listened to every child read, we have started sending home books for your child to read with you at home. Pupils will bring home at least one book per week; please return these the following week by keeping it in their bag. The children will also start to bring home a weekly bookmark relating to their current Phonics learning. We upload a Guidance Sheet (below) each week which offers information about the sound(s) being learned; there is also an optional activity to try at home too. 
Autumn Overview
(first half-term)


Content this half-term

English (Phonics, Reading & Writing)

Children will have daily Phonics sessions which build upon the decoding skills learned in Foundation Stage. The children read each week with their class teacher using a banded system that relates to the phonics that has been taught in class. This half term, the class texts we will be using as stimuli for writing will relate to feelings (The Colour Monster), rhymes (Oi Frog!) and superheroes (How to Save a Superhero; Traction Man). The children will have daily opportunities to improve and refine their fine-motor skills which will hopefully help them in their early handwriting skills. By the end of the academic year we aim for our year one pupils to have built up a stamina for writing in which they can compose interesting sentences by using punctuation mostly accurately. This half-term sees the start of this.

Maths (including CLIC)

The children will learn about place value (within 10) whereby they will sort, count and represent objects; recognise numbers as words; count on from any number; use 1 more and 1 less; count backwards within 10; and count, compare and order numbers.


The children will be exploring seasonal changes by observing the same tree throughout the year. The children will also explore everyday materials. They will learn to distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made; identify and name a variety of everyday materials; and describe, compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of their simple physical properties. 


We begin by teaching the children Online Safety in which they learn about logging in safely, how to find saved work, exploring different sections of an online platform, learn how to open, save and print and understand the importance of logging out. The children do this through the online platform Purple Mash; we will send you more information about this later in the term as the children will be able to access this at home too.


The children will be taught about choosing, using and mixing their own colours to create quality artwork that shows progression in skills. The children will have the opportunity to explore the life and work of six key abstract artists (from Mondrian to Kandinsky) and, working primarily in paint, to create pieces in a range of abstract styles.


To be confirmed next week.


The children will learn about their local area, firstly by exploring their school. We then move to exploring maps and local landmarks.

For a more in-depth look at the subjects within the Year 1 curriculum, please see the tabs on the left-hand side of this page.
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