Year 1 Blog 2019-2020

Nature garden art
This week, children visited the nature garden and collected all kids  of twigs, petals and stones to make pictures of space. See if you can spot the rockets and the international space station!
Children in school have started to think about adventuring to the South and visiting Antarctica.
We looked at pictures of the sea ice and made a frieze to show the ice bergs in the water. It is interesting to see all the different shades of blue.
(The friendly dinosaurs helped us to keep the paper flat. There are no dinosaurs on the ice!)
We looked at pictures of Scott's hut and saw how he and his crew lived. We made our own hut and built it from strips of coloured paper to show the wooden planks.
Space pictures
We looked at pictures of space and the constellations. The children made a spacescape with wax crayons and a wash. They added stardust!
Crowning glory
Year 1 children have been reading about a princess and a white bear prince. They made crowns and then described them. Their crowns were made from gold, silver, pearls and jewels. The children practised using fantastic adjectives to describe their crowns and thought about when and where they could wear them.
The children have been busy practising their counting skills.
It is lovely to see how busy children are with their homework. Keep up the good work! 

St Mary's Church Visit

Children in Year 1 visited St. Mary's church in Ely to learn about why the Church is an important place for Christians. We have looked around to see what features we can spot, we talked about the symbol of the stain glass window and the cross and we shared ideas about the use of the font, alter and pulpit. 

Chinese New Year

We have had a successful Chinese New Year activity morning in Year 1. The children enjoyed learning about the Chinese traditions in preparation to New Year. They took part in various art and craft activities such as making lanterns, printing Chinese dragon, linking paper chain, making a blossom picture, preparing a money envelope, tracing numbers using Chinese symbols  and writing a card to a family member.