Year 1

Welcome to Year 1
Welcome to Year 1! Here you will be able to read all about this half-term's engaging curriculum and keep up-to-date with the fantastic learning that's been happening in our weekly Newsflash.

The teachers in Year 1 are Mr Killick, Mrs Pruitt and Mrs Fretwell. The teaching assistants are Mrs Neville, Mrs Rose, Ms Godfrey, Miss Hambley, Mrs Notley, Miss Milton and Miss Spilka.

PE days
Mr Killick's class has PE sessions every Tuesday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor).
Mrs Pruitt and Mrs Fretwell's class have PE sessions every Monday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor).
Please ensure that your child comes to school in suitable clothes on their PE days.
Continuing on from Foundation Stage, Year 1 uses Tapestry to keep building a very special record of your child’s experiences and learning journey throughout their early primary education. We hope the snapshots help weave the story of your child and how they are growing and developing.
CLIC is our whole-school maths approach that prioritises basic mathematical skills to provide the foundations for wider maths. Year 1 pupils have daily CLIC sessions that usually last for 20-minutes, with roughly 5-minutes spent on each area:

  • Counting
  • Learn Its (simple sums that the children learn to recall instantly)
  • It's Nothing New (applying previous learning in order to solve something else)
  • Calculation 
Reading & Phonics
Each week, Year 1 pupils bring home at least one book which should be returned the following week. The children will also bring home a weekly bookmark relating to their current Phonics learning. We upload a Guidance Sheet (below) each week which offers information about the sound(s) being learned; there is also an optional activity to try at home too. 


Content this half-term

English (Phonics, Reading & Writing)

Children continue to have daily Phonics sessions which aim to help them to read fluently and sight-read common exception words and other keywords. The children read each week with their class teacher using a Book Band levelling system that relates to the phonics that has been taught in class. We will be using different dinosaur books as a stimulus for writing this half-term. The children will continue to refine their sentence writing using appropriate punctuation; this half term sees the children learn how to increase the length of their writing by using conjunctions such as 'and' and 'because'.  The children will be undertaking handwriting sessions throughout the week focusing on letter formation.

Maths (including CLIC)

The children will learn how to identify, recognise and sort 2D shapes. This follows on from the last half-term where the children learned about 3D shapes. The will then move to Addtion and Subtraction within 20: Children explore addition by counting on from a given number. They begin to understand that addition is commutative and that it is more efficient to start from the largest number. It is important that children see that they are not just adding two separate numbers or items, they are adding to what they already have. In CLIC, the children will be counting to 100, learning how to read 3-digit multiples of one hundred, addding 2 to a 1-digit number, doubling 2-digit multiples of 10, finding missing pieces to 10, and solving additions and subtractions using a number line.


The Science unit this half-term is Plants. The children will learn the names and functions of some of the different parts of a plant.  Children will learn to identify and name common wild plants. Children will carry out an investigation to help them decide which plant is most common in the school grounds. 


During this half-term, the children will learn what an e-book is and write their own.  They will learn how to add animation and sound to the pages in their book.  They will learn how to change the style, size and colour of the font in their books.  They will also learn how to save and retrieve their own work so they are able to edit over the coming weeks.  


The children will taste different fruits then design, make and evaluate their own fruit kebab.




The children will learn about Thailand: the weather, location on the globe, food, flag and other physical and human features.  The children will compare the capital city of Thailand with the capital city of the UK. 

For a more in-depth look at the subjects within the Year 1 curriculum, please see the tabs on the left-hand side of this page.
Weekly Newsflash 

What have Year 1 pupils been up to this week? 

Week ending 18.3.22
The children learned about the Tower of London the Crown Jewels. They thought about what special things they would put inside that they'd want to protect; they also tried to build models of it and other castles. The children were visited by a Police Officer this week! Blue lights were flashing and sirens were wailing on the Year 1 playground! The children had a lot of fun trying on a variety of police hats and helmets, got to ask lots of questions about what the police do, looked inside a police car and all the equipment it carried, and had their fingerprints taken which were turned into keyrings for them to take away - a thoroughly exciting and enjoyable day! 

Week ending 11.3.22
We have thoroughly enjoyed the warmer weather this week; the Year 1 Courtyard has been used for some great learning activities and outdoor PE has been much less chilly! The children are working hard to learn their CLIC Learn Its (+2 to numbers - please see the above guidance) in school; challenge your child to tell you them at home! The children are refining their portrait-drawing skills - more certainly resemble heads/faces than ever before! Thank you for your understanding regarding bringing toys and playing cards in. If your child would like to share with their class an item they have brought in for Show & Tell, then we ask that these be kept in bags throughout the day. Thank you again for your support with this. Finally, we are hoping to take the children on their first school trip to watch an adaptation of the story The Smartest Giant in Town at Cambridge Arts Theatre on Wednesday 4th May - more details to follow. Have a lovely weekend!

Week ending 4.3.22
Thank you to everyone who helped the children look so wonderful for World Book Day 2022. It was a brilliant day from start to end: the children were excited to talk about their costumes and book characters and they happily shared their books with each other throughout the day - it was a delight to be a part of it. This week has seen some fantastic Motte and Bailey castles being constructed in a variety of materials and we hope your child could tell you all these early castles. The week ended with lots of creativity happening when the children practised their portrait drawing skills and how colour used in art pieces can make an observer feel certain ways: this week we looked at how warm/cold colours can make a picture seem warm/cold. The children produced their own interpretations of happy/sad & warm/cold portraits incredibly well. We hope the children are doing well with learning the next set of Tricky Words sent out last week. We've also added information about CLIC at the top of the page as we hope your child comes home asking for someone to ask them their Learn Its - they're aiming for quick recall of these number facts!

Week ending 25.2.22
The children are back and have been raring to learn! They have learned to name and recognise 2D shapes whilst continuing to revisit 3D shapes; perhaps they could go on a 2D Shape Hunt around their house? We'd love to see some of the shapes they've spotted on Tapestry - 2D and 3D! In English, the children have listened to a Fairy tale and tried writing questions some of the characters in the story may have asked. In History, the children were very excited to learn all about the parts of a castle; it appears that we have a lot of Castle enthusiasts! Can they tell you about a castle’s moat, arrow slits, and portcullis? The children’s latest Art topic is ‘Portraits’ and they have made a great start this week by following instructions to draw a self-portrait – we certainly have budding artists in Year One! Please check your child's book bag as they will have brought home the next set of nine words we would like them to learn to recognise, read and spell over the next three weeks. We hope they'll be able to use words at the bottom of the sheet as flashcards and for matching to the words at the top.

Week ending 11.2.22
Many children wrote their first independent stories this week and we thoroughly enjoyed reading how they managed to help Fred the panda find his missing hat whilst journeying across London! The children have enjoyed designing and creating a mechanism (a slider, lever, or wheel) of their choice, and they tried hard to evaluate their products too. Many excellent portraits were drawn and painted of Queen Elizabeth II to mark her Platinum Jubilee after we talked about her 70-year reign.

Please keep encouraging your child to read with you at home: listen to them and let them listen to you read to them too. We have sent home a Letter Formation workbook which is something we hope can help your child start and end letters correctly. This is something you can work with them at a pace that suits your family; we don’t expect this to be returned but we’d love to see progress uploaded to Tapestry. Next half term we will be reintroducing the next set of Tricky Words to ensure the children are confident with sight-reading words which don’t sound how they are spelled. Next half-term the children begin their learning with things such as Castles and Fairy tales (English), 2D shapes (Maths), and Portraits (Art). We hope you all have a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing our Year One pupils back after a well-earned rest.

Week ending 4.2.22
Happy Lunar New Year! The children enjoyed learning about this celebration and about why the tiger is recognised this year. The children enjoyed finding which animals represented the year they were born: 2015 was the year of the goat; 2016 was the year of the monkey. This week, the children have been learning to name, recognise and sort 3D shapes; there were lots of misconceptions and shocked faces when we talked about how it isn't possible to hold a 2D shape! The children are doing well with remembering 3D shape names. Something to try at home: encourage your child to go on a shape hunt – which 3D shapes can they spot (e.g. a cuboid cereal box). We continue to explore animals and learn more about how to identify different animal types. Can your child tell you what makes a mammal a mammal? Or what the similarities or differences are in the same animal group, i.e. birds (e.g. what is the same and different about penguins and robins)? In Computing, the children did a really great job when learning about debugging (fixing a problem) through trying to make a cheese sandwich. Once the steps had been correctly ordered and specific details included (e.g. cut up the cheese for your sandwich instead of putting the whole slab inside!), the children were better able to independently debug other faulty recipes.


Week ending 28.1.22
Rulers and tape measures have this week replaced hands and Lego pieces as the most useful equipment to use for measuring! We've been really impressed with how quickly the children have understood the need to measure accurately and their skills whilst doing so. If possible, it would be wonderful to see some measuring happening at home via Tapestry! The children have been busy writing their own version of the story Let's Find Fred - Fred has certainly been up to some interesting and unusual things! The children have learned more about the UK and its interesting landmarks; we move on to looking more specifically at London next and already the children have been eager to create models of London landmarks. In RE, the children are learning about celebrations, and as it's the Lunar New Year next week the children will be taking part in activities to mark the occasion. We hope you all have a great weekend! 
Week ending 21.1.22
The children have learned more about the concept of the past, present and future; they used this knowledge to turn present tense verbs into the past tense. This will be useful as the children begin to write their own version of a book we will be exploring soon. Lots of practical Maths has happened in and out of the classroom this week; from measuring the KS2 monkey bars to finding items that are smaller than a pencil. In Computing, the children were introduced to a new unit about algorithms. They have started to learn about what algorithms are (ordered instructions) and why the order of instructions in an algorithm is so important. Next week, they’ll be trying to follow precise instructions and see what happens when they go wrong (debugging).
Week ending 14.1.22
Happy New Year to you all! We are so happy to have everyone back for the start of the Spring Term and have been very impressed with the positive attitude the children have shown during our first week back together again. We have started this term by looking at all signs of Winter whilst outdoor learning. The children have drawn a tree and written about the changing weather. It was great to see how much learning they had retrained when labelling their tree drawings. This half term, the topic is Bears! The children have enjoyed reading a new book Let's Find Fred - all about a panda - in which they wrote questions for Fred using question marks. Please see Tapestry to see more of what your child has been busy doing this week. Have a lovely weekend.