In School

Vision Statement for Physical Education
At ESJ we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate and compete in sport at a level that suits them. This will enable all children to develop their confidence and competence in PE and sport while nurturing a positive attitude to physical activity.

Following the success of the Olympics in 2012, the government launched a new initiative, 'The Sport Premium' aimed at promoting PE in schools.

In  2018/2019, ESJ received over £20,000 to improve the provision of physical education and sport in school. Each year we undertake an audit of our PE offer (both within lessons and after school), and identify where the funding could improve teacher skills and confidence, and what resources are needed.

Our partnership with the Witchford Schools Sports has continued after a merger with Improve It Ltd and we have signed up for their Gold Level of support. Through this partnership, ESJ has received specialist PE coaches, access to a wider range of resources and entry into a calendar of local school competitions.

Do keep an eye out on the news feed for our recent sporting activities and successes!

We offer our children 2 dedicated hours of PE as part of our curriculum. This is further extended by the many after school clubs we run.  See the current list of after school clubs below. 

We always love to hear of the sporting achievements of our pupils outside of school. Miss Goodman, our PE coordinator is always looking to celebrate new achievements on our Sports board in the hall!