What science looks like at Ely St John's

British Science Week 2023


British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths which will take place 10-19 March 2023.


The 2023 theme is connections. From exploring plant growth in a window box to discussing the impacts of economic growth on our society, there are plenty of ways to join in with your class

Science in Year 1
Science in Year 3/4
Science in Year 6
Pupil Voice
At Ely St John's we really value the children's thoughts and ideas about science. Not only are their ideas recorded, but more importantly, they are woven into the science curriculum via 'Pupil Voice Days' where classes are taught sessions that they have asked for. 
Below are some examples of pupil voice...
  • We learnt about different habitats. Living, dead and never been alive. Benches used to be trees, so they are dead.
  • We went into the nature garden, and we have to see how many things we could spot. We made a graph to show what we saw.
  • We did a quiz thing because we needed to learn more. It tells our teacher how much we have learnt.
  • I want to try and blow something up. Like a proper experiment!
  • If it was alive, and it was transformed into a bench, it is still dead.
  • You get ticks if you have achieved the learning objective. Really good, you get two ticks. Fantastically good, you get three ticks. One tick is you have done it.