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On behalf of the Governing Body I welcome you to our school's website, which I hope you will find interesting and informative.

The Governors share the school's determination to offer its pupils an environment which is keen to promote educational excellence which is both pleasant and secure.

We like to think that the governors add strength and support to the school's Head and teaching staff, yet at the same time, through regular meetings, we are anxious to ensure that the school's high standards are maintained. In order to do this, staff and pupil performances are regularly monitored and reviewed and every effort is made to ensure that the school's policies are enforced in a sensitive and caring way.

I hope that by visiting this site you may be encouraged to make a personal visit to our school, where I know you will be made to feel most welcome. On a personal level I should be delighted to meet any visitor by prior arrangement through the school to discuss any issues you may wish to bring to my attention.

Matt Leach

Chair of Governors



This page aims to keep you up to date with who the governors are and what we are doing. We are extremely lucky to have a full complement of governors on our Governing Body with a mix of parent, co-opted and Local Authority governors. The members have a wide range of skills and experience which is vital when undertaking the necessary strategy decisions required to run such a thriving and popular school. The full and informative newsletters that parents receive regularly also include a resume of what we have been involved with in our Standards and Resources Committees and the Full Governing Body meetings. We also undertake regular visits to the school to monitor progress against our Single Plan which sets out the priorities for the year. It is always a pleasure to see the staff and pupils at work and be able to be part of it all, even if only for a short period time. Real highlights are the music, drama and extra activities which we are privileged to attend.


Governor Visits

Priority: Good level of Development at the end of the Foundation Stage, which was to look at the outdoor theme activities in the spinney and other outdoor areas to boost the children’s understanding of how the outdoor curriculum supports the indoor one.

Comment by Caroline Marshall, Chair of the Standards Committee, 28 November 2017

"There were different activities for the children to try, eg listening to natural sounds and making instruments, making potions and working with natural materials found in the Spinney and many others. Some children tried several activities and others just one, but they were all engaged and showed how creative they could be with natural materials, but also showing resilience as well as dexterity. Our observations suggested the children really enjoyed their time learning. We are hoping to repeat the exercise later in the year."


Andy Turpin, Vice Chair of Resources Committee, undertook the annual visit on Financial Controls (28 November 2017) in order to determine the systems are running well and efficiently in advance of completion of our Schools Financial Standards document. All was well.


Priority: To increase progress rates in writing in Key Stage 2 and the percentage of children achieving greater depth for writing.

A writing book scrutiny was undertaken in November (for Years 1,2 and 3) and December (for Years 4, 5 and 6) by Julie MacIntyre, a member of the Standards Committee, and David on, Deputy Head. She commented that the process was rigorous and she was able to report that good progress was seen and children took pride in their work.


School Council: two governors attended the School Council (February 2018) where the young people debated the information they had gained from the surveys they had done on ‘feeling safe’ and ‘rewards’. ‘It was so rewarding to see the pupils debating so well the views and opinions that they had gathered on these two issues’ commented Lis Every. The findings were almost all positive but are being analysed to ensure the pupils’ opinions are taken into account.


Sandra Cullen from the Standards committee visited on 14th March to monitor the Single Plan priority "To ensure good outcomes across all our broad and balanced curriculum".

Conclusions from the visit were that lessons observed demonstrated a wide range of learning across a number of different topics, some quite formal and others actively enjoyable. This was backed up by a substantial amount of documentary evidence on the school website and on walls around the school. The school continues to offer a well-rounded curriculum.

Future visits will aim to show how the curriculum contributes to both reinforcing basic standards and to enhancing creativity among staff and pupils.



Message from Lis Every, Chair of Governors - June 2018

 As we approach the end of term and experience the current wonderful weather, we start to look forward to the many summer activities that the pupils and staff become involved in, especially as assessments, internal and external moderation are now over.   One such initiative has been the Healthy Lifestyles Week where the pupils focused each day on a different topic, ie Mindfulness, Keeping fit, I am what I eat and Hygiene (including dental health and food hygiene).  Friday was a chance to revisit one of the topics from the previous days. The Student Council were particularly keen to have free flow playtime over the week running some very active workshops!

As a Governing Body we have now finished our individual Committee meetings which will be presented to our final Full Governing Body meeting on 4 July.

At the Full Governors’ meeting on 23 May, we congratulated our Deputy Head, David Aston, on securing a headship appointment. He has been an excellent Deputy Head, well-liked by everyone. In his time with the school he has really made an impact and we will be very sorry to lose him, but do sincerely wish him every success in his new job.  The school is not far away and we anticipate that we will still be able to work with him and his school in the future.  We were also pleased to welcome back Mike Stuart, our Clerk, who has returned from a recent operation. 

We received a very positive School Advisor report which looks at our data and how we work on progress and achievement with particular mention of improved writing. We always discuss these and all other data provided by the head teacher in great detail in order to monitor performance. We are very hopeful that our realistic targets will be met.

We were pleased to learn that the Year 6 pupils had coped well with the SATs. Attendance figures remain very good at 97.16% slightly up from last year.

The new Multi-Suite is up and running and we are grateful to our Business Manager, Chris Ashley, for overseeing this in the Easter holidays. Work is also continuing on our new Sensory Room and we look forward to it being fully operational in the Autumn Term.

Safeguarding is always at the forefront of our discussions and following a recent Resources Committee a temporary 1.8m fence and laurel bushes have been installed on the boundary to improve security. Training has taken place recently on Epilepsy, Anaphylactic Shock and Asthma.  The welfare of our staff is of real importance and the next issue of our well-being survey will take place before the end of term.  We have undertaken a survey of the website and the recommendations from this will soon be evident on it.

Following a rigorous interview process with really excellent candidates, the Governing Body was pleased to offer the post of Deputy Head to John Henson. We always ensure that we receive feedback from representatives from our staff and pupils.  The latter are really focused and thoroughly enjoy putting candidates through their paces!  All these views form an integral part of the process.  We look forward to working with John from next term.

It only remains to wish you enjoyment at all our activities for the term (please see your newsletters and the website) and we hope to meet many of you there.

Yours sincerely

Lis Every

Chair of Governors

June 2018