Y3 Learning Links

Have a go on the typing Dance Mat. This may help you learn where the letters on a keyboard are, and increase your typing speed. 

Start at Level 1 and see how well you can type!

Science Weblinks

Magnets - have two poles (north and south). They attract some metals.

Click here to try an activity that is about magnets. 

Friction -  a type of force that slows things down.

This clip is one we've watched at school. It explains friction using a bobsled as an example.

Here you can pull a handle back to launch a car to test how far it travels on different surfaces.

Click here to learn about friction.  Join Digger and the gang on their rollercoaster journey.

Use your knowledge of friction to  help MI High's Carrie in this game.


Click here and identify whether the angles are greater than, equal to, or less than a right angle.
Score as many as you can as quickly as a you can!

This game helps you learn about angles in maths through different sports. Learn about measuring and estimating angles with snooker, right angles in football and many more!

Click here to score as many as you can, identifying Acute, Obtuse or Right Angles.


Click here to help Jack the builder learn about units of measurments and reading scales.

Click here and choose different sized pots to fill a container in the least number of pours.

Use this scales reader. Start with 'up to 500g', then move 'to 1kg'. 

Help Molly load up the boat by choosing the correct parcel.

It's Bamzooki! Try these different measurement activities. 

Try this measuring length game. Select the difficulty level in centimetres.

Click here to measure the parcel's length. You need to click and drag the ruler into place. Then measure the mass of the parcel!


Click here to help the inventor to finish his inventions by handing him the right shape.

Use the many activites on Purple Mash to explore shapes.
Go to Themes---> Mathematics---> Patterns & Shapes.

Click here to revise 2-D and 3-D shapes.

Join Dick and Dom from CBBC to play a Maths 2-D shapes game.

Click here to answer 15 questions all about 2-D and 3-D shapes and their properties and then fling a teacher from a catapult!

Here is a game called Shape Invaders. Help Hexagon Man to make sure only the correct shapes survive!

Prehistoric Britain

This BBC Bitesize link will help you learn more about the Stone Age. 

Click here to choose which Prehistoric topic you'd like to learn more about.

We will be using some of these clips in school to help learn more about Prehistoric Britain. Check them out!

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