Y6 Learning Links

Maths activities and games
Here is a HUGE collection of maths questions based around lots of things we're learning in Year 6. They're very useful to use for revision.

Below are lots of links to other games and activities based on what you've been learning in year 6.


  • Your mission: to convert fractions and decimals. Will you pass your mission?
  • Click here to compare unit fractions. Remember for unit fractions, the bigger the denominator, the smaller the fraction has been shared into! Try to beat Mr Killick's score of 26!
  • This website takes you to a variety of fraction and decimal games to try.
  • Click here to challenge compare different fractions. Try to find a common denominator for both fractions.
  • Click here to find equivalent fractions. What's your highest score?
  • Simply simplify these fractions!
  • Click here to make your race car win the race! Your car runs on brain power; combine (add) fractions to go faster.
  • You may need a pen and paper for this one. Click here to play this an online board game. For each correct answer, you will be able to roll the die and move forward on the game. 
  • In this game, click on two cards to find the pairs of equivalent fractions. 
  • Practice changing fractions to percentages by playing this interactive matching game.
  • Click here to multiply as many fractions as you can! What's your highest score in 60 seconds?
  • This link takes you to several decimal and fraction activities to try.
  • Click here to use your knowledge of calculating with decimals to play Decimals Jeopardy!
  • Puppy dash requires you to match the correct fraction to decimal! Will you win the dog race?
  • Help Dick and Dom in this decimal game!
  • This link takes you to several decimal and fraction activities to try.
Different challenges with number
Roman Numerals
  • This game has many stages and with each stage comes higher numbers. How far can you get?
  • If you know your Roman Numerals, then try this game!
  • Use the ruler to measure the different lengths. Be careful to be accurate!
  • Click here to sort a variety of 2d shapes. Scroll down to the bottom to play the game. You can even sort according to properties such as acute, obtuse, reflex or right angles and symmetry or whether it is a regular shape. Best in Full Screen!
  • This website has links to lots of fun shape sorting activities.
  • Do you know your scalene from your isosceles? This activity will sharpen up your shape knowledge.
  • In this game you must highlight all the properites that apply to the shape that appears.
  • Shoot as many of these quadrilateral shapes as you can.
  • Try this symmetry matching game; particularly the shapes.
  • This is a cool game for recognising 3D shapes.
  • This game is great for 2D and 3D shapes. You can choose which crystal you want to work on!
  • Test yourself on scale factors. You may need a pencil and paper.
Calculations and BODMAS  
  • Click here to play a variety of multiplication games. 
  • Try these activities to test your multiplication knowledge!
Here is another HUGE collection of questions! This time, they are based on everything to do with English!
Below are lot of other activities to try!
Synonyms, antonyms and homophones
  • Click here to widen your vocabulary and see if you can match synonyms and antonyms.
  • You can choose from synonyms, antonyms and homophones to practice.
  • This game requires you to match the words to the synonym.
If you find typing tricky or just want to improve your speed, try this 'dance mat' for typing!



  • BBC Bitesize Computing resources - find out about algorithms, decomposition, debugging your code, how the internet works, and more.
Keeping safe
ElectricityHere's an interactive site that may help you remember how to keep safe when using electrical items.
Sun - This website recaps the advice about keeping safe in the sun that we've explored in school.
History 1960's
Geography - Coasts

Religious Education