Maths Overview

Maths overview 
We teach and learn maths every day at Ely St John's. We cover different calculation strategies linked closely to children's knowledge of place value and algebra; measurement; fractions, statistics and shape. We build in progression throughout the keystages and visit different topics over the year. We encourage all children of all ages and abilities to reason about their maths work and apply their knowledge and skills to problem solving.
We use a resource in school called CLIC to help the children develop fluency and swift recall of number  facts and mental approaches to calculation. The CLIC approach is one part of the Big Maths resources published by Andrell. There is a short parents' guide included below. CLIC is a 20 minutes maths session every day which enables children to develop fluency and swift recall of number facts and mental maths approaches.  The CLIC approach uses regular weekly assessments which enable children to see their progress and highlight the facts and approaches they need to work on.
In Key Stage 2, we use Times Tables Rock Stars to help children learn their multiplication and division facts and children can use this at home by using their username and password to go on line. Children need to develop fluency and quick recall of multiplication and division facts as this knowledge helps them with many different areas of maths.
We aim to encourage everyone to enjoy maths in school: maths so much more than working out the answers to a list of calculations. Our aim is for children to work individually and together to develop their mathematical thinking and reasoning through the exploration of mathematically rich tasks. We want them to develop creative ways to reason about the maths they see and do and be able to apply their knowledge and skill to be able to tackle  problem solving activities.
Our Maths Calculation Policy( see our booklet) shows the progression of teaching and learning calculation throughout the school.