At Ely St John's, our PSHE curriculum is taught over a 2 year rolling programme. Below you can find the cycle for the current academic year, cycle B.
This page will be updated each year to show the current cycle being taught.

Principles of our PSHE curriculum:

- To provide pupils with the building blocks to develop positive relationships with friends and family, as well as with other children and adults. These include treating each other with kindness, consideration and respect.

- To help pupils to understand the characteristics of positive physical and emotional/mental health and wellbeing, and to understand that both play an important part in a healthy lifestyle.

- To provide pupils with the information and support needed needed to make safer choices in different areas of their lives, including online safety, and to know how to seek help and support if they do not feel safe.

- To help pupils to understand the differences and diversity they will encounter in their communities, and to treat these differences with respect.

- To help pupils to develop resilience and character that will enable them to become happy, successful and productive members of our school and future communities.


  Impact of our Curriculum:

Relationships: Pupils will learn how to treat others with kindness, consideration and respect. They will learn that healthy friendships are positive relationships. They will be equipped with the tools needed to help solve conflicts and they will know where to seek help and support if they experience bullying. Pupils will know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate/unsafe contact, and will know how to recognise and report any feelings of being unsafe or feeling bad about another individual, including any adult.

 Health: Pupils will have an understanding of how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They will understand the importance of exercise, nutrition and personal hygiene to maintain physical health. Pupils will also learn about areas of personal safety surrounding a healthy lifestyle, and will understand the physical and emotional changes they will encounter as they grow older. Pupils will be supported to help develop an awareness of their own mental and emotional health, and the importance it plays in a healthy lifestyle. They will be helped to recognise their own emotions as well as those of others, and develop the language needed to be able to discuss these. Pupils will know who they could turn to for support if they are feeling unhappy, lonely or worried about mental health. Pupils will be given the building blocks towards leading happy and successful lives and be able to make sensible decisions when it comes to facing different risks and challenges, both now and in the future.