Principles of our PE curriculum:

-To provide an inclusive curriculum with appropriate provision and challenge to support a range of learning needs and abilities

-To motivate children to improve their fitness through sustained periods of physical activity, empowering them to lead lifelong active, healthy lifestyles

-To encourage children to succeed and excel in competitive sport, creating pathways beyond the curriculum

-To help children develop the School Games values: passion, belief, respect, honesty, determination and teamwork

-To involve pupils in the management, organization and delivery of school sport


Impact of our PE Curriculum:

Children will be confident in a wide range of physical activities and sport. They will master a variety of movements and skills which will be applied in competitive and cooperative games. Pupils will show resilience and stamina when engaging in demanding physical activity. They will have an understanding of how to evaluate and improve their performances whilst recognising their own successes.

Pupils will develop their fitness, flexibility and strength and understand the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Through cooperative games, children will learn the importance of communication and teamwork. Competitions will challenge pupils, celebrate excellence and embed the values of fairness and respect.


Please visit our individual Year Group pages to find out more about Physical Education at Ely St. John's.