Year 4 and 5 Blog

Allotment Soup
As part of our World War II topic the children in year 4 and 5 have made a simple vegetable soup from the produce harvested in the allotment. We used our own potatoes, Kohlrabi, carrots  and kale - sown from seed! Well done Miss Jordan's class for finding so many potatoes!
Pupils safely chopped and sliced the veg before helping to cook it on an open fire. We tried out the new allotment kitchen table
Everyone loved the soup! The pupils were amazing and safe throughout a busy afternoon. Well Done everyone.
Class Treat
Miss Jordan's class have been working extremely hard and following the EJ Way, so on Tuesday 21st November, we went out to the nature garden for our class treat. We were joined by Mrs Hartland and we followed all of Mr Poli's instructions! We had hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows. It was a fun and delicious afternoon!
We have been doing some 3D modelling. The children used '2 Design and Make'. They had the opportunity to design houses, vehicles and packaging for a product. Once complete, their designs were printed out as nets. We then cut, folded and stuck them to create our models. 
Religious Education
This half term, the children have been considering some of life's 'Big Questions'. We have had lots of discussion and the children have been excellent at listening to each other and respecting what others have to say. We looked at the ways in which people of different faiths communicate with God. Children then produced this beautiful art work based on their learning. 
This term we have been word processing and will soon be publishing our own poems. We have started by creating videos of poetry linked to our science.
Harvest - We have harvested apples from the school allotment and cooked them using our fire-pit bush-craft area.