Year 4 Summer Spellings

Spellings will be tested every Friday throughout the Summer Term
Spellings for Week Commencing 06/05/2024
Adding the prefix anti- (meaning 'against')
antiseptic anticlockwise antisocial antidote antibiotic antivenom anti-ageing antifreeze antiperspirant antigravity
Spellings for Week Commencing 13/05/2024
Adding the prefix auto- (meaning 'self' or 'own')
autograph autobiography automatic autofocus autocorrect autopilot autopsy automobile autonomy autocue
Spellings for Week Commencing 20/05/2024
Adding the prefix ex- (meaning 'out')
exit extend explode excursion exchange export exclaim expel external exterior
Spellings for Week Commencing 03/06/2024
Adding the prefix non- (meaning 'not')
non-stick non-stop non-starter non-smoker nonsense non-fiction non-drip non-violent non-profit non-believer
Spellings for Week Commencing 10/06/2024
Words ending in -ar/-er
calendar grammar regular particular peculiar popular consider remember quarter integer
Spellings for Week Commencing 17/06/2024
Adding the suffix -ous (No change to root word)
dangerous poisonous mountainous joyous synonymous hazardous riotous perilous momentous scandalous
Spellings for Week Commencing 24/06/2024
Adding the suffix -ous (No definitive root word)
tremendous enormous jealous serious hideous fabulous curious anxious obvious gorgeous
Spellings for Week Commencing 01/07/2024
Adding the suffix -ous (Words ending in 'y' become 'i' and words ending in 'our' become 'or')
various furious glorious victorious mysterious humorous glamorous vigorous odorous rigorous
Spellings for Week Commencing 08/07/2024
Adding the suffix -ous (Words ending in 'e' drop the 'e' but not the 'ge')
famous nervous ridiculous carnivorous herbivorous porous adventurous courageous outrageous advantageous
Spellings for Week Commencing 15/07/2024
regularly occasionally frequently usually rarely perhaps maybe certainly possibly probably awkwardly frantically curiously obediently carefully rapidly unexpectedly deliberately hurriedly reluctantly