Hilltop 2022

Day 3 - Friday
The adventure comes to an end...
I am writing Friday's message ahead of time as I know that the children will not be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow so there is absolutely no chance of me writing our blog in the morning!  Apart from that, I am preparing to stuff a large number of sleeping bags into very small sacks so there might not even be time for me to eat breakfast let alone log on to my laptop!
The children will be tired when they get home and a little ragged around the edges!  We have seen the best of them in the last three days and you are about to get back the bit that is leftover.  My advice is to pop them in the bath, feed them and then snuggle down for a film night and an early bedtime.
We are planning to leave Hilltop at 1:30pm so we should arrive at school around 3:15.  Please wait on the front playground where you left the children's bags on Wednesday and we will get the children off the coach and send them onto the playground to join you.  Give them a big hug first and then find their cases and take them home.  If anyone is able to help the driver unload cases, we would appreciated it (thank you to those of you who helped load cases onto the coach on Wednesday). 
And finally, a huge thank you to all my amazing colleagues - the children have been lucky to have you.
See you all soon,
Mrs Hambley
*  *  *
Day 2 - Thursday
The adventure continues...
Well, we were up bright and early this morning and when I say early, I mean EARLY!!  As a result, I am adding to the blog - something I have never done at 7:30 in the morning before!
Everyone is in good spirits and if anyone else asks me when we will be having breakfast...
My first photo this morning is of the most amazing pair of indoor shoes.
And now it's very late and all your amazing children are tucked up in bed and fast asleep.  It has been another fantastic day!  The children have walked, talked, climbed, laughed (a few have cried) and all have supported one another in the true spirit of the EJ Way.  Be proud, parents, you have created these adventurers! 
Hilltop 2022
The Adventure begins...
Day 1 - Wednesday
We arrived at Hilltop safe and sound this morning at 11.30. The children were very excited on arrival but they acclimatised incredibly quickly and it already feels as if they are 'at home' here - school is a distant memory...
This afternoon, we all went off to our first activity - please see the programme below to know which activities we embraced! 
After dinner, the children talked with great enthusiasm about the afternoon's adventures! No zip wire yet but an amazing time was had by all at the climbing wall, archery, climbing crates, on the mountain bikes and walking into Sheringham. Yes - the ice cream was amazing!