Y2 History

  • Great Fire of London + Guy Fawkes
  • Farming in the Fens
  • Summer holidays from the past – contrast to now
To investigate and interpret the past
  • Observe or handle evidence. Ask questions and find answers about the past.
  • Ask questions such as: What was it like for people? What happened? How long ago?
  • Use artefacts, pictures, stories, online sources and databases to find out about the past.
  • Identify some of the different ways the past has been represented.
To understand chronology
  • Place events and artefacts in order on a time line.
  • Label time lines with words or phrases such as past, present, older and newer.
  • Recount changes that have occurred in their own lives.
  • Use dates where appropriate.
To build an overview of world history
  • Describe historical events
  • Describe significant people from the past.
  • Recognise that there are reasons why people in the past acted as they did.
To communicate historically
  • Use words and phrases such as: a long time ago, recently, when my parents were children, decades and centuries to describe the passing of time.
  • Show an understanding of the concept of nation and a nation’s history.
  • Show an understanding of concepts such as monarch, parliament, war and peace