Y6 Music

We use a resource for music called Charanga:

Year 6 Overview

Autumn 1

Unit: Happy

Style: Pop/Motown

Topic and cross-curricular links: What makes us happy? Video/project with musical examples.

Links to other units:
Dancing In The Street KS2/ages 7-11 (Scheme Year 5)

Autumn 2

Unit: Classroom Jazz 2

Style: Jazz, Latin, Blues

Topic and cross-curricular links: History of music - Jazz in its historical context.

Links to other units:
Classroom Jazz 1 (Scheme Year 5)
Supports improvisation generally in other units.

Spring 1

Unit: Benjamin Britten - A New Year Carol and other songs by Britten

Style: Benjamin Britten (Western Classical Music), Gospel, Bhangra.

Topic and cross-curricular links: Literacy and history, www.fridayafternoonsmusic.co.uk. The historical context of Gospel music and Bhangra.

Links to other units:
Christmas units
Lean On Me - Gospel - KS2/ages 7-11 (Scheme Year 4)
In The Groove - Bhangra - KS1/ages 5-7 (Scheme Year 1)

Spring 2

Unit: You've Got A Friend

Style: The Music of Carole King

Topic and cross-curricular links: Her importance as a female composer in the world of popular music.

Links to other units:
Make You Feel My Love - Adele - KS2/ages 7-11 (Scheme Year 5)

Summer 1

Unit: Music and Me

Style: Contemporary, music and identity

Topic and cross-curricular links: Celebrating the role of women in the music industry.

Summer 2

Unit: Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Style: Western Classical Music and your choice from Year 6

Topic and cross-curricular links: Think about the history of music in context, listen to some Western Classical music and place the music from the units you have worked through, in their correct time and space. Consolidate the foundations of the language of music.

Links to other units:
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