Y6 Religious Education

Areas of study
  • Harvest: What is the harvest of the spirit and what does it mean for me?
  • Christmas today - is it really about Jesus?
  • What do Sikhs believe?
  • How do we care for our world?
  • Journeys (pilgrimage)
Progress Targets - Year 6 
PT1 - Learning about religion and belief
  • Make connections between different beliefs and practices of all religions and worldviews studied.
  • Make links and compare stories, beliefs and practices from different religions and worldviews including similarities and differences.
  • Understand and evaluate the diversity of belief in different religions, nationally and globally. Recognise that those who have non-religious worldview follow a moral code.
  • Articulate detailed responses to ethical questions from the range of different religions and worldviews studied so far.
PT2 - Responding to religion and worldviews
  • Reflect and respectfully respond to the significance of meaning behind different beliefs and practices.
  • Respond respectfully to a range of writings, stories, beliefs and practices. Provide justified reasons for similarities and differences.
  • Express an informed and considered view on the impact of diversity of faith and belief in our world. Relate this to their own lives and others.
  • Discuss and apply their own and others' ideas about ethical questions and to express arguments in a structured response.