Y6 Design and Technology

  • Design- use research and criteria to develop product aimed at specific group.
  • Skills- annotate sketches, make cross section diagrams and computer aided design.
  • Links– textile industry
  • Analyse and evaluate existing products, others’ and own work.
  • Create objects that employ a seam allowance.
  • Join textiles with a combination of stitching techniques.
  • Use the qualities of materials to create suitable visual and tactile effects in the decoration of textiles.
Mechanical and electrical systems, including programming
  • Link to ICT
  • Write code to control and monitor models or products.
Food technology
  • Design—healthy savoury dish thinking about how this promotes a healthy and varied diet
  • Research– use research and criteria to develop knowledge.
  • Skill building—think about healthy choices in every day life.
  • Analyse and evaluate– existing products, others’ and own work.
  • Understand the importance of correct storage and handling of ingredients (using knowledge of micro-organisms).
  • Measure accurately and calculate ratios of ingredients to scale up or down from a recipe.
  • Demonstrate a range of baking and cooking techniques.
  • Create and refine recipes, including ingredients, methods, cooking times and temperatures.
  • Cut materials with precision and refine the finish with appropriate tools (e.g. sanding wood)
  • Show an understanding of the quality of materials to choose appropriate tools to cut and shape (e.g. sharper scissors needed to cut fabric)
  • Design with the user in mind, motivated by the service a product will offer.
  • Make products through stages of prototypes, making continual refinements.
  • Ensure products have a high quality finish, using art skills where appropriate.
  • Use prototypes, cross-sectional diagrams and computer aided designs to represent designs.