Y2 Art and Design

Essential objectives: To develop ideas.

  • Respond to ideas and starting points,
  • Explore ideas and collect visual information,
  • Explore different methods and materials as ideas develop.
Essential objectives: To master techniques.
Techniques and Skills
  • Show pattern and texture by adding dots and lines,
  • Show different tones by using coloured pencils.
  • Add white to colours to make tints and black to colours to make tones,
  • Create colour wheels.
  • Sort and arrange materials,
  • Mix materials to create texture.
  • Use rolled up paper, straws, paper, card and clay as materials,
  • Use techniques such as rolling, cutting, moulding and carving.
  • Mimic print from the environment (e.g. wallpapers),
  • Press, roll, rub and stamp to make prints.
  • Join materials using glue and / or a stitch,
  • Use dip dye techniques.
Digital Media
  • Use a wide range of tools to create different textures, lines, tones, colours and shapes.
Essential objectives: To take inspiration from the greats (classic and modern).
  • Use some of the ideas of artists studied to create pieces.