Starting School in September 2024

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage at Ely St John's Primary
We are looking forward to getting to know our new children and their families. This page will be updated throughout the term and key documents will also be emailed. Please contact the school office if you need paper copies of any document sent to you.
We hope that the answers to your questions will be in the information booklet and other documents below. However, please contact us via the school office if you cannot find the information you need.

Being 'School Ready' 

If your child can do all or most of the following independently when they start school, it will mean that they can focus on learning, exploring and making friends in the classroom. They are all skills that can be practised at home through everyday activities and are often already being developed at nurseries and pre-school. If there are some skills that your child still finds tricky in September, let their class teacher know at the ‘home visit’ appointment.

Starting School Skills:

  • I can say when I need to use the toilet and I can go to the toilet on my own. I can wipe my bottom and wash my hands independently.
  • For boys, I know how to use a urinal.
  • I can put my coat on and will try to do the zip on my own.
  • I can take my socks and shoes off and put them back on again.
  • I can get dressed on my own. Sometimes clothes are inside out or back to front but that’s okay!
  • I can recognise my name.
  • I can sit and listen to a story from start to finish.
  • I can follow a short instruction, e.g. I can get my coat and put it on when I am asked to.
  • I can let an adult know if I’m upset or if I need something. I know that I might have to wait a minute before an adult is able to help me and that’s okay.
  • I know the name of my new class teacher.
  • I can use a knife and fork when I am eating.

Download the colouring checklist of starting school skills to complete with your child over the Summer and then share with class teachers in September. 

Children often have questions and worries about starting school. Sharing stories and talking about the characters and their experience can be very helpful. The following links take you to recommended books and CBeebies resources. 

Lunches and Snacks
All children in the EYFS and Key Stage 1 are entitled to receive a school meal. If you need to change the meal pattern chosen on your child's enrolment form, please contact the school office directly. Below you will find a  a booklet about lunchtime at school to share with your child. Click here to see more information about our caterers and to see the current menu.
Children can bring a packed lunch to school. We often find that children only eat small amounts initially so it is best not to over-fill their lunchbox with too many choices. Please be aware that we are a nut-free school and do not include items such as peanut butter and Nutella. We also ask that treats such as sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks are kept at home. For safety reasons, please avoid using glass containers. 
A fruit or vegetable snack is provided every day for children in the EYFS and Key Stage 1. The choice varies throughout the week and typically includes apples, pears, bananas, carrots and other seasonal fruit.  Milk is also available to order and is free until your child's 5th birthday. The information needed to order this will be sent to you at the start of September.
Our school uniform consists of a green cardigan or sweatshirt with the school logo with a white polo or button shirt, grey or black trousers, skirt or dress. Green and white check summer dresses can also be worn. Our PE kit is a yellow t-shirt and green shorts. Children in the EYFS won't require any other PE kit in the Autumn term. Full information about school uniform at Ely St John's Primary can be found here.
Sweatshirts, cardigans, PE kits and book-bags can be purchased directly from school. An order form can be found here. You can visit the school office in person during school hours as orders are usually able to be fulfilled immediately or return the order form with a cheque via the school postbox and you will be contacted when the uniform is ready for collection.  Alternatively, you can order and pay online in September.