Year 4 Only Spring Term Home Learning

Year 4/5 Home Learning Autumn 2023

Home learning is put on the webpage by Friday each week and should be completed before or on the following Wednesday (spelling tests on Friday), please.
Year 5 maths group will bring books in for half term only.
Children will be given Reading, Spelling and Maths each week. 
The spellings have already been posted on the Year 4/5 blog. Children have a list of words which all share a particular spelling pattern. They will be tested on 5 of these words each Friday.

Children now have a Reading Record card. Most children are now 'free readers' which means that they can choose their own books, either from our selection in the classroom, from home or the local library.
Children can read anything (not just stories). They might read non-fiction, recipes, instructions, information on websites - anything! 
We would like children to read several times per week and we simply ask that you date and sign a box in their record card when they have done some reading. It doesn't have to be a whole book, it could just be a chapter or a few pages. We would like to see reading records from time to time. Children could hand them in at the same time as any homework. 
Some children are reading the colour coded banded reading books, If this is the case for your child, they will be given a book to take home. We ask that their record cards and books come back to school every day, as adults in school will be reading with them as often as possible.
Maths homework will appear below, with the current weeks tasks placed at the top.
Children are to complete Maths tasks in their Home Learning book.
Sheets do not need to be printed out and stuck in. Your child can simply write the question number and the answer in their book. 
In addition to the Maths, we would like all children to be practising their times tables regularly.
In the year 4 group we have been learning the 9 Times Table over the last couple of weeks.
Alternatively TT Rockstars is a fun and easy way for children to practise their times tables.