Year 6 Curriculum Overview and Useful Information

Classroom doors open at 8:35 and the school day starts at 8:45. Please do not arrive earlier than 8:35.

If you need to contact your child's class teacher or pass on important information, please email the school office and they will forward on your message.   

Mr Preston - Class 6X

Teaching Staff: Mr Preston, Miss Jordan, Mrs C. Cousins, Mrs Hanwell, Mrs Dunkley and Mrs Taylor

Ms Fellows Class - Class 6Y

Teaching Staff: Ms Fellows, Ms Blakeman, Mrs D. Cousins and Mrs Shooter

Collect new homework
Return completed homework 
Wednesday afternoon: 6X and 6Y outdoor PE
6Y indoor PE
6X indoor PE
Uniform (including information about PE kits)
The children should come to school in their PE kits, on their PE days.

Y6 Homework

Please ask your child to speak to their teacher ASAP if they need help with their homework.

If answers are provided with the homework, please use them to mark your child's work. We feel that this provides immediate feedback and is a useful approach. If there are any errors, encourage your child to correct them. Being able to understand why something has gone wrong is a useful learning skill. However, if any major concerns arise from the marking, ask your child to talk to their class teacher when they are back in school.