Year 3 Blog- Summer 1 Term

Welcome to the Year 3 blog.
Please find details here of all the wonderful things that we will be learning in class. We will add photos of the children as the term progresses.
Important information will still be sent home via email.
We will also include a separate page for our weekly spellings.
Times Tables Rock Stars
A HUGE well done to all those children using TTRS outside of school. 
This term, we will be focusing on the eight times tables, as well as continuing to practise the three and four times tables. Please keep supporting your child with this.
Children, how many coins can you earn this term? Can you beat last terms score?
Farm to Fork!
Thank you so much to Chloe and Rebecca who came into school to tell us all about how Iceberg Lettuces are grown at G's Growers Ltd. We had a chance to see how much preparation and time goes in to growing these crops. 
Everyone planted a lettuce and will be bringing it home with a set of instructions on how to look after it.  Make sure you send some photos of your lettuces into school once they are fully grown, and let us know how they taste!
Sowing Seeds
This afternoon, Year 3 enjoyed an outdoor nature session with Mr Poli and his Year 4/5 class. Every child got to sow a carrot and beetroot seed, in a pre-prepared garden planter.
We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the seeds germinate before the end of the academic year, so we can harvest and eat our crop.

Parts of a Plant

Year 3 spent part of the morning dissecting a Tulip. They had to separate the flower into its different parts, then place each part under the correct heading.  

Newspaper reports.
We have been working hard in our English lessons in order to write a newspaper report. We used a short film called Pigeon Impossible, as a stimulus to writing. We explored the features of newspaper reports.
These photos showed our posters we made when we cut up newspaper headings. We were looking for examples of alliteration and word play to help us create our own headings.
Ely Arts Festival
We are well on our way to learning the songs for the performance in Ely Cathedral on 21st June. Here are some photos to show us making our head bands for the event. We had so much fun making them and are very grateful to Louise Beale, local artist, who had some fantastic ideas to create our head wear with an 'Under the sea' theme.
Science - Plants
As part of our unit of work on plants, we dissected flowers to identify the reproductive parts. The children had great fun carefully taking the flowers apart, and looking through the microscope at some of the parts.

The langar


The langar (or free kitchen) was introduced by Guru Nanak, who was the founder of Sikhism and the first Guru, because of his belief in the oneness of humanity. He offered free meals to everyone, regardless of their caste, gender or wealth. It was a place where everyone gathered and ate together. The langar is also the free food that is served in the kitchen. Many Sikhs serve langar to people outside the gurdwara. This morning, Year 3 'entered' the langar and enjoyed some delicious food. The favorite dishes on the menu were chapattis and dhal. Yummy!

Fitzwilliam Museum.
We were so delighted to be able to take the children on their first Year 3 trip, and they did us proud. Behaviour was impeccable, and they showed real maturity while appreciating all the museum had to offer. And goodness what a lot there was to see! Ancient Egyptians, portraits, landscapes and ceramics. We were also incredibly lucky to be able to view 'Venus and Mars' by Botticelli, which is currently on loan from the National Gallery in London. The children sat in awe in front of it and sketched their favourite part. There was a real buzz in the air as the children took in all the amazing things on display. We hope they have fond memories of this fantastic trip for years to come.