Y1 Physical Education

  • I can throw a ball underarm.
  • I can roll a ball or a hoop.
  • I can hit a ball with a bat.
  • I can move and stop.
  • I can move to catch or collect.
  • I can throw and kick a ball in different ways.
  • I can decide where to stand to make a game difficult for the other team.
  • I can copy and perform some dance moves.
  • I put moves together to make a short dance.
  • I show rhythm in my dance
  • I choose movements to show different ideas.
  • I move carefully with control
  • I use space safely.
  • I show control and co-ordination when travelling or balancing.
  • I copy sequences and repeat them.I can roll.
  • I can travel in lots of ways.
  • I can balance.I can climb safely.
  • I can stretch and curl my body.
  • I can talk about what I have done.
  • I can describe what others have done.
  • I can describe how my body feels during an activity.