Y2 Religious Education

Areas of study
  • Harvest: Who celebrates Harvest, harvest for all?
  • Celebrations of Light
  • What do Christians believe?
  • Exploring Special Places
  • What can we learn from religious stories?
Progress Targets - End of Year 2
PT1 - Knowledge and understanding of religion and worldviews
  • Name the different beliefs and practices of Christianity and at least one other religion and begin to look for similarities between religions.
  • Retell some of the religious and moral stories from the bible and at least one other religious text or special books.
  • Begin to understand what it looks like to be a person of faith.
  • Pupils begin to use key words and vocabulary related to Christianity and at least one other religion.
PT2 - Responding to religion and worldviews
  • Talk about and find meanings behind different beliefs and practices.
  • Suggest meanings of some religious and moral stories.
  • Ask and respond to questions about what individuals and faith communities do.
  • Express their own ideas, opinions and talk about their work creatively using a range of different medium.