Modern Foreign Languages
Progress and units
* Opportunity for revision

Grade 3 Languages Ladder

Listening: I can understand the main point(s) from a short spoken passage
e.g. a short rhyme or song, a telephone message, announcement or weather forecast ...

Speaking: I can ask and answer simple questions and talk about my interests
e.g. taking part in an interview about my area and interests; a survey about pets or favourite foods; talking with a friend about what we like to do and wear ...

Reading: I can understand the main point(s) from a short written passage in clear printed script
e.g. very simple messages on a postcard or in an e-mail ...

Writing: I can write two to three short sentences using reference materials/with the support of a peer
e.g. a postcard, a simple note or message, an identity card ...

  • Expressing opinions about musical preferences
  • Making simple statements about playing a musical instrument
  • Learning a (current) French song
  • Expressing preferences
My Hobbies
  • Expressing preferences about pastime activities
  • Making simple statements about your hobbies
  • Expressing preferences, hobbies including doing sports and playing a musical instrument
The Alphabet
  • Learning the French alphabet and getting to know French letters
  • Making alphabetical lists, e.g. about hobbies, animals, French towns etc
  • Working with an English-French dictionary
  • Hobbies, animals
A French Town
  • Giving directions
  • Writing a postcard to a French student
  • Introducing yourself
Food shopping
  • Foods and drinks
  • Shopping dialogues
  • Numbers 51–100
  • Prices in Euro
  • Numbers 0-50, fruit and vegetables
French Cafe
  • Expressing likes and dislikes about food
  • Role Play: Ordering food in a café or restaurant
  • Saying please and thank you
  • Following and/or writing a simple recipe
  • Foods and drinks, numbers